Longing for the traditional cuisine they had back in China, a group of wealthy Teochew towkays in Singapore decided it was time to open their own restaurant.

The year was 1962. Hung Kang was incorporated, its name paying homage to the scenic Han River (韩江) in Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province. Depicted in Hung Kang’s logo is the famous Xiangzi Bridge. This ancient relic was built as an 18-pontoon bridge in 1170 AD during the Southern Song Dynasty and still protected as a national relic today.

To be absolutely true to the authentic Teochew cuisine, Hung Kang brought in a team of chefs from the province, along with unique ingredients and spices that were not available locally.

Hung Kang’s opening was met with much enthusiasm. It was the only Teochew restaurant in town that was posh and air-conditioned. The Teochew community gave Hung Kang its overwhelming support, making it a popular venue for business lunches as well as wedding and birthday banquets.

Till today, Hung Kang is still stringent in preserving the authenticity of Teochew dishes, tastes and culinary practices. After all, food is a distinctive part of the Teochew heritage, and Hung Kang is honoured to be passing on the inimitable quality that would make our forefathers proud.